WHO AM I? (Always check out your Homeopath!)

I come from Germany, and grew up with Homeopathy being the medical treatment of choice. As you may know, in Europe homeopathic treatment is often the first medical approach to a condition. People just know that it works. We were even taught the principles in school!

I fell in love with Homoeopathy especially when my children were little.
With just a small kit with some basic remedies, we sailed through all those childhood issues. My GP knew about me using Homoeopathy and was happy to work with me.
I remember her saying: "You guys are so healthy, we only ever see you when someone has broken something, or for a pregnancy!"

I have been learning about it all my life; have taught several courses in basic homeopathy at the (then) Nelson Polytechnic, Motueka Branch during the early 1990s.

What my Patients Say

“I feel fortunate to have discovered Eva. Nearly two years ago I started my journey to better health and well-being with her, and what a journey it has been!
Her unfailing support, wisdom and wonderful care through homeopathy has literally transformed my life. She’s a remarkable practitioner and a credit to her industry.”
— Katrina Lambert
“So good, the headaches and nausea have gone...! I feel like my head is a lot clearer...I FEEL LIKE THIS IS HOW I’M SUPPOSED TO FEEL”.
— Happy Client